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Fireworks stand controversy brews following wildfires

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AMARILLO, TX - Driving down Tascosa Road, you won't just see what this week's wildfires have destroyed. You'll also see a fireworks stand getting ready to open. 
Calls poured  into our newsroom all day Thursday, from area residents who say the stand is insensitive in light of the recent wildfires that destroyed several homes in the area. Even though Sunday's fire was not sparked by fireworks.

"Fireworks will burn the Panhandle up if we don't get some rain, and I mean a lot of rain." said resident, Shana Hanks.

The stand went up Thursday afternoon and is just yards away from a  destroyed house. That house belongs to Doctor Wick Culp. Sunday, he and  his family were on their way  back to Amarillo from vacationing when they got a call about the wildfire.

"Their wasn't a lot to see other than a couple of chimneys." said Culp.

Culp, who has the lived in the home for 30 years says, right now he feels a void.

"It's almost like losing a family member when you have been in a house for so long." expressed Culp.

Mr W. Fireworks based out of San Antonio is the company that owns the stand. It goes up around this time every year in preparation of the Fourth of July. We're told the company was unaware of Sunday's wildfires, but a spokesperson says she's praying for both the people of the panhandle and for rain leading up to Independence Day.

With conditions dry and windy as they are now, Culp feels a fireworks season will be dangerous if things don't change soon.

"I certainly don't want people to go though what we are going through now, and that's without fireworks being a problem." said Culp.

Potter and Randall county commissioners hope to ban the sale of fireworks this summer. A decision is expected to be made within the next week.

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