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Lake low, but being pumped for water once again

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Fritch, Texas - The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority is pumping water from Lake Meredith for your use, once again. However, this is the first year they are providing water only for the summer months.

The water levels at Lake Meredith continue to set record lows nearly every day. Today the water was at 36.8 feet.

C.R.M.W.A. says there is not enough water to supply year round, so they're using the lake for the summer months when water is in higher demand. This year marks the lowest amount they're taking from the lake.

Chad Pernell says, "Historically, we provided 70,000 acre feet out of the lake. This year we're doing 5,000 acre feet. In the last five years, we've probably been providing 30,000 to 40,000 acre feet range from the lake only."

Pernell says the drought is making low lake levels even worse. Without any rain, C.R.M.W.A may not be able to use the lake next summer as a water source.

C.R.M.W.A does not know the exact depth they would have to stop pumping, but they say a lot of it depends on the pumps and the water quality.

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