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Grain elevator death sheds light on growing trend

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Amarillo, Texas - A 20 year old Amarillo woman is dead after falling about 80 feet into a grain elevator.

Kelsey Tortoreo was found deceased at the Garvey grain elevator in the 2400 block of NE 3rd, just before 3:00 this morning.

Officers responded to the scene, after a man reported her falling.

Police believe she fell through a hole at the top of the grain elevator, which is no longer in use.

She was with a man and woman at the time.

Police believe it was an accident, but an autopsy is underway.

The incident is now bringing to light this was not the first time people were on the property.

Visiting the Garvey grain elevator is becoming a popular activity for both teens and young adults, but police say it is not a place for anyone to be.

It is believed people are climbing to the top during nighttime hours and engaging in various activities.

Just last week, police were called twice on reports of trespassing.

Six teens were found and arrested in one incident, while 14 people, a combination of teens and adults, were found in another.

Lt. Gary Trupe with the Special Crimes Unit says, "My guys were up there and they did not feel comfortable going up the same path that they did up on those top floors. It's very dangerous. It's been closed. There hasn't been any internal repairs on the building. There's holes in some of the floors. It's not a place for people to go."

The owner of the building has issued a trespass warning and has taken steps to secure the buildings, but people are still finding a way in.

Police say they will be patrolling the area and you will be arrested if found there.

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