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Tangle Aire Estates and Ranch Acres: Fire Damage Assessment

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Randall County, Texas - Fire fighters continue to monitor the Tangle Aire Estates and South Ranch Acres neighborhoods, after Sunday's fire.

The Randall County Fire Department says the fire is now 90% contained. At least four homes were completely burned to the ground, while several other homes, outbuildings, and vehicles were damaged.

Fire fighters say the blaze was fast moving and the high winds and high temperatures were a challenge.

Cary Devoll with the Randall County Fire Department says, "We don't have any active fire line. There are things smoldering and we're just trying to make sure it gets put out before the winds pick back up. We're driving around finding anything that could be a potential hot spot that could still be smoldering and we're trying to put those out."

Fire fighters say the blaze began just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon in the attic of a home in Tangle Aire Estates. They are still investigating the cause of the original structure fire.

Residents can return to their homes, but onlookers are asked to stay away from the area.