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Deaf Smith fire under control

Texas Forest Service Spokesperson April Phillips Texas Forest Service Spokesperson April Phillips

HEREFORD, TX - One of the biggest blazes Tuesday ripped across Deaf Smith county and ended up in Randall. The Medeles family decided to evacuate about 4 o'clock after seeing five separate downed power lines near their home about three miles outside of Hereford.

"You never know what if one of those poles falls where we live and one of us gets electrocuted. I have my kids with me so," mom said.

Emergency management says one of the downed lines sparked the blaze which consumed 7600 acres before crews were able to get it under control.

"Red flag warnings, the relative humidness are in single digits. Putting that piece of the puzzle together creates one of the worst fire conditions possible," US Forest Service spokesperson Timothy Evans said.

Part of the challenge of fighting the fire was it's location. With all the farm land around it's hard to tell what's really dirt or smoke blowing.

"We rely on the local volunteer fire departments to know where the occupied homes are. What's in front of the fire," Texas Forest Service Spokesperson April Phillips said.

They add a big part of fighting this fire is letting it burn itself out by using dozers to cut off it's fuel supply.

"We flank the fires and try to pinch the head off. Try to get it smaller and smaller to pinch the head off," Phillips said. 

That strategy seemed to work. By about seven, the blaze was down to juts a few hot spots like a fence pole which smoldered like a cigarette and a charred fire truck still putting off some smoke.

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