And the Grammy goes to.... Claude High School

NewsChannel 10

CLAUDE--- One of the highest honors for a high school band is awarded to an area school.

Every year, The Grammy Foundation honors high school bands across the country for their achievements in music.  Claude High School now joins the ranks of those recognized. Thursday evening, $5,500 was awarded to Claude High School's music education program, more than doubling its budget for the next year. The award will help the school purchase new instruments, band uniforms and much more.

"I think this is good for our community because it highlights Claude and may incline people to stop and say hello. I believe its good for our morale." said Claude High School band director, Shelley Thornton.

Senior Caitlyn Davis says, the 33 student band spends nearly 15 hours a week together practicing. To be recognized by The Grammy Foundation for her, is unbelievable.

"When she [Thronton] said she was going to nominate us we were all kind of nervous...but for us to get awarded for our hard work, its really exciting." said Davis.

The school band is one of 27 nationwide to receive the honor this year, chosen for excellence out of a pool of more than 20 thousand public high school bands.

According to Dr. Darrell Bledsoe, The Grammy Foundation started financially supporting schools in 1998, when funding for arts programs started being cut nationwide. Dr. Bledsoe tells NewsChannel 10, Claude High School demonstrated a need for the financial help and the kids were talented.

"The recordings don't lie." said Bledsoe.

While Caitlyn is excited for her band mates to play "Pomp and Circumstance" as she moves on, she leaves them with some sweet notes.

"Work hard and be nice to Mrs. Thornton, she is a great band director." expressed Davis.

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