Latest fashions too sexy for pre-teens

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Summer fashions are now in stores and many are calling into question some of the latest designs for pre-teen girls.

A recent study shows one third of clothes for 'tween girls are "sexy," meaning they are too tight, low-cut, or have provocative phrases or patterns.

It's extra short shorts, teeny bikinis, and skinny jeans for girls younger than 13. The study specifies stores like Abercrombie Kids, Justice, and Aeropostale.

Licensed Professional Counselor Joe Barton says, "This sets up young women, frankly little girls, who are ill-equipped, have no idea how to deal with sexual issues, no idea how to deal with opposite sex advances and puts them at great risk."

Barton says one of those risks is sexual abuse, since about 3 out of 5 young women fall victim to it. He says provocative clothing draws the wrong kind of attention to pre-teen girls.