Dog fighting ring investigation continues, response from animal control

Amarillo, TX - The investigation continues into a possible dog fighting ring in Amarillo.
After calls of a possible dog fighting ring on the 500 block of Hastings, the Amarillo Police Department and the 47th District Attorney's Office continue to piece together the evidence.

Nine dogs were seized from the home and are being held at the Amarillo Animal Control office.

Shannon Barlow the assistant director of the office says they usually just see the remains after dog fights, especially the beat-up and battered animals.

"A lot of times there's gambling, drugs, weapons involved, so they usually break up pretty quickly if they think any kind of official has been called, so a lot of times what we see are the remnants of what we believed to be dog fighting, and a lot of those cases are very difficult to prove," adds Barlow.

The one man arrested for dog fighting in this possible ring has been released on bail.

The district attorney will decide if he will face any formal charges once their investigation is finished.

The office says they are still reviewing the evidence and hope to have a decision in the next few days.