Fla.'s Scott throws down challenge to Texas' Perry

Governor Rick Perry
Governor Rick Perry

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — First, Florida Gov. Rick Scott congratulates Texas Gov. Rick Perry on his state's top ranking for being business friendly.

Then, Scott issues a challenge to his fellow Republican in a letter Thursday.

Scott wrote: "Florida will not settle for third place."

He was responding to an annual survey of CEOs by Chief Executive Magazine.

Scott, a former hospital chain CEO, was elected on a platform of creating jobs by making Florida friendlier to business.

In his letter Scott notes Texas has finished No. 1 in the survey for seven years in a row and acknowledges to Perry "you have done it in a BIG way."

But he boasts Florida "already is the best place to live" and that he's "certain Texas' days at the top are numbered."