$10M Lawsuit Filed Against City of Amarillo

Orlando Guarjardo, Witness
Orlando Guarjardo, Witness
Trial Lawyer Jesse Quackenbush
Trial Lawyer Jesse Quackenbush

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Taxpayers could have to foot a $10 million bill if a local family wins their new lawsuit in federal court. It stems from a January officer involved shooting which killed a man. A grand jury has already cleared the officers of criminal charges, but now the family wants to press on in civil court.


Orlando Guarjardo says he saw the whole event, and he doesn't think police were justified in killing Claudio Trujillo.

"I kinda feel bad for the citizens of Amarillo because that night their tax money was badly spent. These officers obviously need more training or something because in mind my they didn't do what they were supposed to," he said.

The family's attorney claims six eyewitnesses just like Guarjardo were never called to testify in person before that grand jury.

"We should be looking for is the truth. But in this case it seems like that's not what we're going for," trial lawyer Jesse Quackenbush said.

Their lawsuit even goes as far to say there was an "illegal conspiracy to obstruct justice."

"When private citizens and attorneys have to do the job of the d-a, internal affairs department and even the grand jury then the system's broken," Quackenbush said.


Amarillo's city attorney responded with a written statement which reads: "We believe our officers acted bravely and properly in an extremely dangerous and rapidly evolving situation. The city will vigorously defend this lawsuit."

The DA also says that grand jury spent four hours reviewing evidence and video from the scene. He adds that included written affidavits from about forty different witnesses.