Fatal herpes outbreak in horses

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A potentially fatal virus is spreading among horses throughout the western United States, and it could soon be a problem here.

Most horses are exposed to a form of herpes many times in their lives, but this particular strain of the virus is proving to be deadly.

The EHV-1n strain attacks the central nervous system and can quickly progress to death.

All horses are at risk, but those that have not been vaccinated, are sick or stressed, are more likely to get it.

Veterinarian Chris Morrow says, "Just because they have been vaccinated for one of the varieties of strains, doesn't give them protection against this strain. It's important to understand the vaccination is not for this strain of the herpes virus. We vaccinate to keep our horses healthier. The healthier they are, the less likely they are to become sick."

It spreads very easily. It's as simple as a horse coughing near another horse.

There are no documented cases at this time in the Texas Panhandle.

A meeting is being held Thursday, May 19th at Will Rogers Range Riders at 7 PM.

The discussion will provide more information about the herpes virus.

It is open to everyone.