Dangerous chemicals found in baby products

NewsChannel 10

A frightening new study finds many baby products, like car seats and diaper changing pads, may contain dangerous carcinogens.

Researchers tested more than 100 foam products and found eight had a chemical that is banned is most states...

And more than 30 had a chemical deemed unsafe by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Toxin experts say the results are concerning because infants could be exposed to the chemicals through their skin.

"I am concerned about, not only cancer, but reproductive or neurological effects as well. I think the question should be, why do we need these chemicals in baby products at all," says Dr. Linda Birnbaum, the director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Science.

The products' makers say the chemicals are necessary because they are used to make the items flame retardant.

They claim the chemicals are in such low levels that they won't warm children.

But doctors have concerns and recommend parents use baby products that are not made with foam.