Frustrations Continue in Cactus

CACTUS, TEXAS - Frustrations with city leaders continue in an area town tonight even after their unpopular city manger was fired.  Tuesday night the Cactus City Council was supposed to consider rehiring those officers who resigned saying the former city manager tried to get them to arrest people who spoke out against him at public meetings. But that rehiring has once again been pushed back leaving many in the community questioning if things will ever really get better.

About 50 people showed up  to support the officers. That's like a crowd of 4000 in Amarillo. But when they arrived a second meeting agenda was posted on the door. The issue had been rescheduled for Thursday.

The Moore County judge says he caught a technical concern on Cactus's agenda. They had an executive session on the officers rehiring, but no public action item listed for it. Not a single council member or the mayor would do an interview, leaving many in the crowd upset and wondering if the mistake was actually intentional.

Because of the confusion, the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission has stepped in saying they'll help clear up issues like this until a new city manager is hired, but for now the not so happy crowd is still waiting for closure to all this controversy.