Possible dog fighting ring being investigated

Amarillo, TX- A possible dog fighting ring is being investigated in Amarillo.
The Amarillo Police Department was dispatched to a home on the 500-block of Hastings Saturday on reports of a possible dog fighting ring.

When they arrived they say they found enough evidence to arrest one of the residents.

One man was arrested for dog fighting and has been released on bond.

Several dogs were removed from the home.

The animal control office says it is an ongoing investigation, so they were not able to give us the condition of the animals.

"We did seize nine animals that have been taken in and contained at animal control, they're keeping them for us, once we determine what the 47th District Attorney's office is going to do as far as prosecution of the case at that point we can determine, is this something, we can release the dogs, find another home, do whatever that will be up to them at that point," says Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department.

47th District Attorney Randall Sims will look at the evidence given to him from APD and decide if anyone will be formally charged with dog fighting, which is a state jail felony.