Blood test tells you how long you will live

NewsChannel 10

A new blood test is claiming it can predict how long you will live.

The test measures how quickly a person is aging by looking at the tips of their chromosomes.

Scientists believe the shorter the tips are, the faster the person will age.

They say the test does not tell people when they will die, but can give an accurate sense of life expectancy.

But many doctors worry the results may take a toll on a person's emotional health.

"You know, some people have the desire to go see fortune tellers. It's up to them if they chose to do that. I personally would have the concern that if I knew I was going to die that it might take away something from my quality of life that I have now," says Dr. Paul Worrell of Dallas Family Medicine.

Critics also worry the new test could lead to insurance firms abusing the results by denying coverage or hiking premiums for people with short tips.

While the test's developers say it can be useful in helping people realize they need to change their unhealthy habits...

And could possibly lead to breakthroughs in age-related illnesses.