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Dr. Robert Philips, Golden Plains Community Hospital
Dr. Robert Philips, Golden Plains Community Hospital

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Borger, Texas - A push to bring better health care to rural areas is now being made possible through a new law in Texas.

The law allows small hospitals to directly hire physicians.

Until now, doctors were not allowed on hospital payrolls.

Previously, doctors would set up a private practice and apply for privileges at the local hospital.

Now hospitals in counties with less than 50,000 people can hire doctors directly.

In towns like Borger, it should attract more doctors because it eliminates the business risk of setting up a practice and guarantees an income.

Dr. Robert Philips at Golden Plains Community Hospital says, "It will help us attract a wider variety of specialty-type care here. I think it would let the people access care locally, instead of having to drive longer distances to obtain that. It might let them do rudimentary specialty-care here and their families wouldn't also have to travel longer distances."

This law will also help to fill the doctor shortage many rural areas are facing.

It couldn't come at a better time for Borger, since they already have an immediate need for more doctors, as they build a bigger hospital.