Local doctors deem shoes dangerous for kids

Dr. Scott Folsom, Lovett Chiropractic
Dr. Scott Folsom, Lovett Chiropractic

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Local doctors warn a new product on the market is not safe for children.

The fitness shoe, Skechers Shape-Ups boasts it can help adults tone their butts and legs. Now the company is reaching out to kids with the recent release of shape ups for girls.

Parents NewsChannel 10 spoke with say, they feel the shoe could have negative body image affects on their young children. Local chiropractors say, that's not the only thing to fear. Doctors advise the shoes could reverse a child's way of walking. Adding, since children are quite active, the dangers of the shoes are similar to a child wearing pumps and then going outside to play.

"7 year old girls should be outside playing, running, jumping. If they were just walking in a straight line, it probably wouldn't do much harm, but they are going to be turning and twisting and jumping. It also increases the risk for a rolled ankle." said Dr. Scott Folsom with Lovett Chiropractic.

According to Skechers,  the shoe is not intended to harm children, but to promote fitness. Depending on the success of the girls line, Skechers expects to also launch the shoes for boys.