What do the Amarillo propositions mean?

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas

Downtown Design Standards: They're here to stay. For homeowners in the ordinance boundaries, that means any outside renovations have to be reviewed by city staff. Renovation plans for large projects or new construction has to be reviewed a city design board made up of seven people. The standards are different for residential and commercial properties.

Sign Ordinance: This isn't going anywhere either. Signs along highways cannot be taller than 60 feet... No taller than 30 feet on main streets and no taller than 20 feet on smaller streets.  Temporary signs cannot be within 75 feet on each other. If you want to put up a sign, you will have to pay for permit to do that.

Single Member Districts: This did not pass, meaning City Commissioners do not have to live in separate sections of town, split up by population.  They can live wherever they want to.