New iPhone app aims to boost Amarillo tourism

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - When people think Amarillo a group of North Heights teens want them to think... There's an app for that.

The new Amarillo travel app for iPhones and iPads features more than 300 destinations. It's being developed by North Heights students.

Kevin McKinney, the app's co-developer says, "The app is pretty much a guidebook for Amarillo. From dining to lodging to where to stay, where to shop, things like that. The next time someone is in Amarillo we want them to think Amarillo: there's an app for that."

Since more than four million people stay in Amarillo every year, they're hoping this will boost our economy... Showing people things they may have never known were here.

When you click on a destination in the app, you'll see a written description, the hours it's open, phone numbers and even a Google map of where it is.

It's set to come out sometime this fall. Travelers will pay $2.99 for it, but one dollar of that will go to a scholarship fund for the kids who developed it.