Drought damaging crops across Texas

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - As an extreme drought sweeps over much of Texas, many area farmers are being faced with the grim reality of much of their crop base being lost.

Wheat is being hit the hardest because it is at a critical time in its growth. Some farmers are able to sustain certain wheat crops with extensive irrigation, but this isn't the case for most of the Panhandle's crops.

J.D. Ragland, Texas AgriLife Extension says, "The many dry land producers we have on the high plains are certainly suffering. Basically they have their hands tied because the crops they have out there right now such as wheat in a lot of cases, have been terminated. Those that have dry land that are thinking of planting cotton and sorghum are having to hold off because it's just simply too dry."

A small yield from the crops that do make it, won't make up for the money lost from the larger portions that don't. Plus, the intensive irrigation costs thousands of extra dollars a month. For many farmers, there may not be much of a pay day this time around.