Drug test shocker

Terry Easterling, Chief Adult Probation Officer
Terry Easterling, Chief Adult Probation Officer
Shelah Heath, Chemistry Supervisor - Physician's Preferred Lab
Shelah Heath, Chemistry Supervisor - Physician's Preferred Lab

Amarillo, TX - A product being used to beat drug tests is being sold at a local pharmacy.
Many are worried synthetic urine is a potential safety hazard because anyone and everyone wanting to beat a drug test can get it just down the street.
The urine product is marketed as being the original pre-mixed synthetic urine, totally undetectable and never failing a test, and for someone wanting to pass a drug test, it's as easy as pour and go.

This and many similar products can be found on the internet, but more shockingly can be found right here at an Amarillo pharmacy.

Terry Easterling a local probation officer says that is the thing that bothers him most.

"If this was at the Music Box or at some other place I wouldn't be nearly as shocked or outraged but for a pharmacy to sell this, when I cannot see and they couldn't tell me if there was any other use for it other than to beat urine tests," says Easterling.

The packaging for the urine says it is not intended for unlawful use, their website says it can be used for scientific testing, urine therapy, fetishes and pranks.

In a statement from the pharmacy owner, he says: "I can stop selling the urine (what I consider a novelty item), but if laboratories are fooled by this silly stuff (it doesn't even smell like urine) doesn't it make sense to establish some sophistication in the testing process or rethink the collection procedure."

When taken to the lab for testing, lab supervisors had not yet heard of this item, and were skeptical that it would pass their tests for body temperature and creatinine, well it did just that and left many workers at the lab in shock.

"It's very shocking, just cause you know, I'm really just astounded, like I said creatinine is you know your body, you know the muscle in your body that just breaks down and it's just excreted out from your urine and everything. So I'm just, it really is astonishing that whoever did this, came up with something that would you know pass that creatinine," says Shelah Heath, a chemistry supervisor at Physician's Preferred Lab.

The lab says they may change their protocol when it comes to collecting specimens but at this time they say there is no way to distinguish if the urine is real or fake.

We will continue to follow this story and see what changes are made in both the laboratory and at the pharmacy when it comes to this item.