Grand Jury: No wrong doing by officers in January shooting

Amarillo, TX- The four officers involved in a shooting that killed an Amarillo man back in January will be returning to their regular duties.

The Potter County Grand Jury reviewed about four hours of evidence and statements from around 40 witnesses before they decided to no-bill the officers involved in the shooting.

A no-bill means the officers committed no wrong doing when shooting at a vehicle driven by Claudio Trujillo.

It has now been confirmed Trujillo died from the police officer's gunfire.

47th District Attorney Randall Sims says the Grand Jury had to look at many things when decided to no-bill the officers.

"The way they get to look at possibly no-billing someone under the circumstances obviously is the issue of self defense of them self or of a third party, both existed in this case, self defense of themselves and also some of the officers were acting in self-defense of a third-party. The grand jury acted on all four officers did no indict anyone for a crime," says Sims.

The four officers have been on administrative leave for the last three months.