Push to keep Texas student athletes concussion-free

Brad Thiessen, AISD Athletic Director
Brad Thiessen, AISD Athletic Director

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Student athletes across Texas may soon be safer during game time, thanks to a bill in Austin that would create stricter guidelines for dealing with concussions.

Area Representative Four Price has created the bill to protect student athletes from serious head injuries.

The new law would require an athlete who has suffered from a concussion, to be pulled from the game until evaluated by a doctor. This is a procedure already followed by the Amarillo Independent School District.

Brad Thiessen, AISD Athletic Director says, "Right now if a kid has a concussion or concussion-like symptoms, then our trainer immediately takes them out of the ball game and they're not allowed to go back in until they have seen a doctor. Once a doctor has released them and allows them to go back in, then they're released for activities."

However under the bill, Amarillo would have to assemble a special head injury team consisting of at least a physician.

This team would create a written protocol for the district that would be followed during a concussion situation.

The bill just passed in the House and is now being presented in the Senate.