Cactus City Manager fired

Steve Schmidt-Witcher
Steve Schmidt-Witcher

NewsChannel 10

Cactus, Texas - The City Manager in Cactus has been fired, after a long and heated meeting Tuesday night.

The City Manager Steve Schmidt-Witcher is now officially out of a job. He has already turned in his city vehicle and packed up all of his things.

The council made that decision after over 100 people packed into a tiny room to protest him tonight. So many people showed up, some had to stand outside the door.

All of this started after four Cactus police offers resigned over a disagreement with the City Manager. They say he tried to have them arrest people who were speaking out against him at public meetings.

The council voted 3-0-2 to fire the City Manager with those two people abstaining because of what they felt were conflicts of interest. At this meeting, the council was also supposed to consider rehiring those four officers who quit.

That has been tabled until next week because the officers said they would not work for the current police chief because he blindly followed the former city manager's orders.

The council considered firing the chief, but couldn't do that legally because of the way the agenda was worded.

So they put it off until things could be done the right way. Nonetheless, a big crowd left the meeting saying this was a huge victory for the City of Cactus and democracy.