BSA affiliate investigation ruled as improper communication

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An investigation sparked by allegations of price fixing by the BSA affiliate, Provider Network, has come to a close today.

Provider Network is reaching an agreement with the Texas Attorney General's office and the Federal Trade Commission, who led the investigation which began in 2008.

The investigation says the Network had improper communications between doctors and insurance companies, in which they act as a middleman. This could have caused physician's fees to be higher.

The three parties have come to an agreement that Provider Network will act only as a messenger and will have a more structured form of communication, meaning a protocol geared towards formally written exchanges.

There is no penalty or fine, but the Network will pay investigative costs. The FTC will be checking back over the next few years to make sure they remain in compliance with the agreement.

BSA CEO Bob Williams says the Provider Network had no intention of wrongdoing and will be complying. He believes their prices are fair and competitive.