Nursing home dangers

NewsChannel 10

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is a hard decision many people have to make.

A troubling new report finds that, all too often, nursing homes are giving anti-psychotic drugs to patients who do not need them...

And it could have devastating effects.

In 2005, the FDA gave anti-psychotic drugs its most severe warning, noting an increased risk of sudden death in patients with Dementia.

And now, a new government study has found that 88% of the time Medicare paid for anti-psychotic drugs in nursing homes, they went to patients with Dementia.

The report also found that anti-psychotics drugs were given to nursing home residents "unnecessarily" over 300,000 times between January to June 2007, with more than half of those drugs given in "excessive dose."

The Department of Health and Human Services also says it is "very concerned" that there are "financial incentives for unnecessary drug use."

In the past, those incentives have led to charges of kickbacks between nursing homes, pharmacies and drug companies.