Water plans in Amarillo as the drought continues

Amarillo, TX - If you are concerned about the future of the water in Amarillo, there is something you can do about it.

A concern around town and in much of the Panhandle is that if the drought continues and hot conditions stay in the area, we may run out of water, and many think the solution would be mandatory water rules.

The City of Amarillo says at this time they do not plan on enforcing anything mandatory, but they do suggest residents reduce the use of water to ensure the city does not have to change that.

Emmett Autrey the city's Director of Utilities says if residents want more enforcement they need to make their voice heard.

"It only establishes mandatory measures if we are having trouble producing the waters to meet the demand, if the people of Amarillo wanted to have other mandatory measures then they should try to convince the city commission to change the city ordinance," says Autrey.

The city has a new campaign called Reduce the Use to show residents ways to conserve water. 

To see their conservation tips visit http://water.amarillo.gov/index.htm