Interrogating bin Laden's wives

NewsChannel 10

As U.S. interrogators are preparing to meet with three wives of Osama bin Laden, new details are emerging about the raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader.

President Obama was reportedly ready to take on Pakistan's military to get bin Laden.

The New York Times reports Obama sent a military team large enough to fight its way out of the country, if necessary.

In a sign of cooperation, the Pakistanis are now letting the CIA question three of bin Laden's wives who were in his hideout.

"This could be a rich source of information about how bin Laden lived, with whom he was in contact, who was visiting the compound and his state of mind," says CBS News National Security Analyst Juan Zarate.

Today, a Senate panel is holding a hearing on U.S.-Pakastani relations.

Some lawmakers are questioning whether we should keep sending billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan.