Early detection of cancer improves chances of survival

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Cases of men with cancer are on the rise. In fact, according to health experts one in two men will have some type of cancer during their lifetime.

But one local man is proof positive that if detected early your odds of survival can improve.

Joe Williams, an ice cream truck driver by day and now a cancer survivor was diagnosed with throat cancer last year.

Even with a family history of cancer and poor lifestyle choices he says this took him by surprise. "I lived a pretty wild life and I'm going to tell you what I wish I had lived a little more healthier. All the wild times ain't worth the cancer."

Dr. Srini Reddy says, "lifestyle choices they make when they're young has a big impact on their risk for cancer in the future."

He was told he would either undergo chemo and radiation treatments or have his voice box removed. Never to talk again.

Williams chose treatment and after 46 years of smoking he quit cold turkey.

He also vowed to lose weight, eat healthier foods, drink lots of water and exercise.  Changes he now shares with others.

He even started selling healthier ice cream treats and snacks out of his ice cream truck.

Because of his healthy lifestyle changes William's now has more energy, feels better and has lost 100 pounds.

He says he wishes he had taken better care of himself as a young man and tries to encourage other men to take their health seriously. He tells others, "if you're smoking quit, if you're dipping quit, dipping will give you cancer, smoking will give you cancer."

More importantly as Dr. Reddy states, "Seeing a physician regularly will help to detect cancers early. It's very important that if we can detect cancer early we can cure them."

He is now in complete remission living a healthy life and giving kids something to smile about one ice cream at a time.