Checking the facts: Downtown design standards

AMARILLO, TEXAS - The controversial possible repeal of the downtown design standards is a large part of what's making this one of the most interesting elections in recent memory. So as we've done with all the other big issues, NewsChannel 10 is rummaging through the rumors to find facts.

For months, opponents of downtown design standards have filled the commission chambers to voice their opinion, but while their thoughts were heard loudly, a quiet support was growing on the ground.

"I think they realize that the standards can bring a sense of community and add value to the neighborhood," Chan Davidson of Keep Amarillo Strong said.

The group Keep Amarillo Strong says they walked door to door found out how people in the regulated area feel.  According to them, 88 percent of the 167 households they contacted support the standards and want them to stay.

"One of the major misconceptions is the people that live in the area with the design standards, that downtown neighborhood, that they do not want the design standards. We found that to be a myth," Davidson said.

Another big misconception is how to vote. With "for the repeal, against the repeal" what does it all mean? Voting against the ballot item means you like the design standards and want them to stay. Voting for the repeal means you don't like the standards and want them to go away.