Potential solution to life-threatening situation in Dumas

NewsChannel 10

Dumas, Texas - Soon, emergency crews in Moore County will no longer have to worry about beating the train. Dumas is getting a major safety upgrade.

Train tracks that run through Dumas have been a concern for decades... Because they block traffic at least a dozen times a day... Often blocking emergency vehicles from getting to those who need help.

The tracks cut off all three accesses to the Southwest side of town... Stopping vehicles for as long as 15 minutes per train... An eternity if you're having a heart attack or if your house is burning down.

County Commissioner Milton Pax says, "Just recently we had a rollover on the southwest side of town. Listening to the radio in my pick up, the ambulance was sitting at the railroad tracks. They were waiting on a train. A few days later we had a house fire and I heard the firemen say... We're waiting on the train."

By late summer, the problem is expected to finally be solved... This brand new bridge is slated to open... Allowing emergency responders to access all parts of the county as quickly as they need to.