Redistricting changes in Potter County

Potter County, TX- Population growth in the area is leading to some changes when it comes to precincts in Potter County.  

About 3,000 Amarillo residents will be moving to a different precinct before the next election.

The Potter County Commission says the 2010 census shows a major population difference between Precinct One and Precinct Three.

Commissioners say the redistricting would be simple and would change the work load for the county commissioners who represent each precinct.

Joe Kirkwood, says the impact on voters in the area would be that their polling place may change.

"When it comes to redistricting, I think as opposed to ten years ago, this is going to be a very simple process. We only have two precincts that are out of balance, according to what the federal guidelines are, and so it will be a matter of shifting probably a few blocks, is what it will amount to over into another precinct," says Kirkwood.
A new map of the precinct area is expected to be done sometime this summer.  

The changes have to go in effect before the 2012 County Commissioners election.