Community reaction to controversial leader's visit

Amarillo, TX - Controversial Christian leader Doctor Terry Jones made a stop in Amarillo Sunday for a "Wake up America, Texas"  rally.

Jones is a Florida pastor, best known for his anti-Islamic beliefs and for threatening to burn a Koran last September.

He was here to spread the word on issues he says are ruining our country.

Jones says those issues are homosexuality, abortions and Islam.

"I think America has lost a lot of it's values, it's lost a lot of it's kick, it's become politically correct, we are afraid to speak our opinion, which I understand that because as soon as you are you are right away labeled," says Jones.

Protestors didn't let the barricades stop them, dozens came out holding signs and chanting things like "Jones Go Home."

"I really don't like his anti-Islamic rhetoric, we kind of feel like there's good people in all groups and there is room for everybody, and we feel like here in Amarillo, you know, all of the different types of people need to get along," says Daryl Hurst.

Among the dozens of protesters were few supporters, and one  says he sometimes questions what Pastor Terry does.

"I see a lot of protesters, but not that many supporters. I think maybe burning the Koran was a little bit extreme but I'm Christian and I do support pastor Terry," says Maurice Woods. 

 Mixed in the crowed were those that were just plain curious.

"We're wanting to find out what it's all about, we're not on one side or the other, I'm as much for these people, they're my homeboys, as that man up there is. I want to see if what we're doing is preaching religion, if we're talking politics, or if we're just down right getting nasty with people," says Richard Sullivan.

Although tempers did flare and tensions were high, only one person was reported arrested and no one was hurt.