Help fight potential terrorism threat

AMARILLO, TEXAS - You're help is needed fighting off a potential terrorist threat. Right now officials confirm security is being stepped up on our area railroads, and they hope you'll pitch in by doing something as simple as making a phone call or taking a picture.

Almost 10 years after 9/11 comes another strong reminder not to let our guards down.  Operatives found evidence in Osama Bin laden's compound of a possible plot targeting trains in the U.S.

"It's a heads up, it's a warning, I don't think it's necessarily actionable, but I think it's important they've sent this information out to those responsible for that infrastructure," Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said.

Experts think if an attack did happen, it would probably be on a commuter train in a big city.

"These guys want to attack Washington, New York or LA because the people they're trying to influence have never heard of Sioux City or Des Moines," National Security Expert Peter Bergen said.

Still everyone across the entire industry is taking this threat seriously, even right here in rural parts of the Panhandle. A spokesman with BNSF wrote us that: "the rail industry has coordinated security with the FBI and later homeland security....railroads have their own police forces."

But with all the track across the nation, guards can't patrol it all. That's were you come in. BNSF is looking for people to join the Citizens for Rail Security program. All you do is report anything suspicious straight to rail police through a hotline. All the details on the program can be found here: