Music Festival Gives Amarillo an Economic Boost


AMARILLO, TX--Amarillo's economy is getting a major boost in a span of three days thanks to a music competition that attracts thousands of students to our area.

Around 200 schools and over 10,000 students will be in Amarillo from May 5th through the 7th. All are vying for the title of best in class while local businesses are vying for their cash.

According to the Convention and Visitor Council the festival helps city hall rake in thousands in sales tax, its single biggest source of revenue.

The festival has been around for decades but was canceled in 2009 because of the H1N1 flu outbreak. One city official is thankful to have them back in town.

"They bring in some incredible walk-in business to some important folks in town. Some restaurants, the pizza places, the malls, the retail centers, even some of the attractions. I bet Bobby Lee at The Big Texan may see an up tick in business" said Eric Miller, Dir. of Communications of the Convention and Visitor Council.

The Greater Southwest Music Festival makes such an impact in Amarillo, Miller is already looking forward to next year.