Community projects to be impacted by federal cuts

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Too many requests for help and not enough funds. It's a problem the City of Amarillo's Community Development Department is seeing right now.

Amarillo's Community Development Advisory Committee is responsible for delivering federal grant money for community projects that impact low to moderate income families. The board recently received its budget for the 2011 fiscal year and it will now operate with nearly 16.5% less federal grant money.

In addition to the loss, administrators tell NewsChannel 10, nearly 30 percent more projects are asking for help than usual.  To break that down in a dollar amount, nearly $ 4.3 million is being requested for projects, only $2.5 million will be granted.

"These are programs that are really critical for our community. It's a lot of  extra money that we wont have to put back in." said Donna Wickes, with the City of Amarillo.

Some of the projects proposed include a splash pad in Hamlet Park, renovations for the North Branch YMCA and a counseling service out of the Wesley Community Center.

Wickes tells NewsChannel 10, even though the cuts have happened and some projects will not be funded, she urges Amarillo residents to help by donating time and supplies to various projects throughout the city.