Cactus police officers resign

Steve Schmidt-Witcher, Cactus City Manager
Steve Schmidt-Witcher, Cactus City Manager

CACTUS, TEXAS - Right now an area city is scrambling to find new police officers after four out of five people in their department resigned. The former Cactus officers tell NewsChannel 10 they walked off the job after a heated disagreement with the city manager.

According to the officers, Steve Schmidt-Witcher was trying to get them to arrest people who were speaking out against him at a public meeting back on April 19.

"It makes me sick that we go over to another country to help them out with democracy. and they won't let these people who are citizens of the united states have democracy," Former officer Mike Broyles said.

"We were just not willing to stand by and allow ourselves to be used a threat against the people," said Tim Cropley, another former officer.

Word of those allegations is spreading fast in Cactus. Now the City Council has set a special meeting to consider firing the city manager. That will take place Tuesday night at 7.

Schmidt-Witcher declined to comment for this story.