Tips to avoid becoming a theft victim

Skyler Davis, Amarillo Pawn and Gun
Skyler Davis, Amarillo Pawn and Gun

Amarillo, TX - Police are saying you are much more likely to become a victim of theft these days.

In the last few months the Amarillo Police Department investigated more than 1,400 thefts.

According to a report from the Amarillo Police Department the  amount of thefts increased by two hundred within one month.

Sergeant Brent Barbee says these thefts include many things.

"Theft can include a lot of things, it can include anything from shoplifting to stealing the lawn mower out of your front lawn, some people might consider auto burglary a form of theft, anything where property's taken without your consent could be considered a theft," says Barbee.

To prevent becoming a victim, police say you need to reduce the temptation.

"There are something that people can do to protect themselves from the consequences of theft, the most important thing is to take away the temptation, make sure their lawn mowers inside, make sure everything that's in your car is taken out of your car and put inside," adds Barbee.

Police suggest you  keep an up-to-date inventory list of your items along with their serial numbers so it is easier for you to recover your items, which could possibly end up in a pawn shop.

Amarillo Pawn and Gun says they are taking steps to make sure they do not buy these stolen items.

Skyler Davis, the manager of the store says you can usually tell when a person is trying to sell stolen items, but they take extra precautionary steps just in case.

"When everybody brings an item in, the first thing we do is ask for their drivers license, so everything has an id with it, we try to get some background history on the items, where it came from, what's the history on it, you know is it yours, did your grandma give it to you, where'd you get it?" says Davis.

The store has also decided to stop taking certain items with stickers from rent-to-own stores and items that are more likely to have been stolen.