Lone Star Family Farms Have True Grit

Justin Crownover, Lone Star Family Farms
Justin Crownover, Lone Star Family Farms

Ali Allison

One Moore County farm is leading the way when it comes to finding drought friendly crops.

Canola responds well to our panhandle soil and doesn't need much water. It may be the new "it" crop.

Justin Crownover of Lone Star Family Farms has been growing the seed for Monsanto to be bagged up for other farmers to grow around the region. Something he says is one of the best decisions he has made.

"The crop is farming better than wheat is this year so it does have some drought tolerant qualities that are good for farmers and will give them other options."

Canola is planted in September and cut in June. Farmers are planting it as a rotation crop to help with grass control and a alternative to winter wheat. So as you drive across the panhandle look for the yellow crop that looks like weeds.. You may bee seeing more of it.

This crop is also being found to factor into the Bio-Diesel Industry.