Amarillo Honors Prisoner of War Veterans


AMARILLO, TX - Charles Sturgeon was only 20 years-old when his plane was shot down by Germans on August 13th, 1944. He would then spend the next ten months imprisoned in a camp, along with thousands of other soldiers.

Today, Charles was among many other Ex Prisoner of War Veterans who were honored in Amarillo for their service and sacrifice. The event was one of two honoring our area's Ex Prisoners of War.

All shared similar stories of struggle and hope but for Charles, the experience taught him valuable lessons.

"You've learned a lot of things, you've learned patience which I was short on I'm sure. You learned to love your fellow man. We were like brothers" said Charles Sturgeon, former POW Veteran WWII.

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, more than 90% of living former POWs were captured and held captive during World War II. Because of their captivity, POWs get special benefits. Currently over 16,000 receive disability compensation.