You're paying too much for gas... How to stop it right now

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - You probably know the obvious gas-savers... Carpool, consolidate your errands, drive 55 miles an hour... But what you don't know is costing you... Upwards of hundreds of dollars every year.

1. Fill up early in the week: Mondays and Tuesdays are your best bets. The US Department of Energy releases the weekly energy report on Wednesdays, and when the news is not to great, prices tend to go up later in the week.

2. Shop local: Amarillo National Bank is teaming up with Toot n Totum. Use your ANB debit card and automatically get 10 cents off every gallon. It's valid at Coulter and the Loop, Western and Farmers, 45th and Georgia

3. Don't drive erratically: Don't speed up and slow down excessively... stepping on the gas, then slamming on the brakes reduces your fuel efficiency up to 15 percent.

4. Watch your gas cap: Make sure you click your gas cap three times after filling up, just to double check that it's sealed all the way. If it's not, gas could vaporize from your tank.