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Inside Bin Laden's Compound

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Details about the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound are still emerging.

The Navy SEALS who conducted the operation found a surprising amount of information about Al-Qaeda.

Officials are now releasing video of the compound where Bin Laden was shot and killed.

The outside walls were damaged by shrapnel.

Inside the compound, Special Forces found computer hard drives, DVDs and documents.

Analysts are now studying the intelligence for clues of any future attacks.

Taliban members say they will not believe Bin Laden is dead until they see proof.

But the White House is being cautious about releasing any pictures of Bin Laden's body.

"What we see in this compound is different from anything we've ever seen before," says White House Counter Terrorism Advisor John Brennan.

He adds, "Any type of video or photographic material that we have we're looking at it carefully to put it out and make sure that it is in the right condition and also to understand what the implications are of such release."

U.S. lawmakers continue asking how the terrorist leader could live in an affluent Pakistan suburb undetected for years.

Pakistan's President denies his security forces sheltered Bin Laden...

And says the Pakistani government was not told about Sunday's raid.