Synthetic cocaine may be the next drug banned

Amarillo, TX- A synthetic drug known to cause hallucinations and even death can be bought in local shops, legally.

The drug's name does not fit it's purpose, it is sold as a bath salt, plant food or even an insect  repellent, but officials say it is instead used as a synthetic cocaine.

"Bath salts", which have many different street names and several different brands can be bought at head shops, gas stations and the internet.

The packaging says it is not meant for human consumption, but it is being abused.

The Texas Panhandle Poison Center says its number of calls about the drug has increased in just the last few months.

"For our network of poison centers in Texas we've had about 150 calls and those have mostly come from between January of this year and May and so since last year they have doubled in the volume that we are getting in our area," says Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo with the center.

The Texas House approved a ban of the chemicals used to make this dangerous drug last week, the state senate has also passed a bill that includes further substances used to make the designer drug.