Osama's death spurs new Amarillo trend

Dale Whitehead, Lowe's
Dale Whitehead, Lowe's

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Osama's death is spurring a local patriotic reaction like we haven't seen since September 11th. You can sum up the general mindset of nearly everyone we spoke with in three simple words... It's about time.

We've waited nearly a decade for this day... To bring the man who killed thousands of Americans to justice. People all over the city are showing their renewed love for America by painting their car windows, flying Old Glory, and even showing off flags from each branch of the military.

At Lowe's, they're expecting such a push towards patriotism, they've moved their entire stock of American flags right near the front door... Making them the first thing you see when you walk in.

Dale Whitehead with Lowe's says, "In our store this morning, there was a buzz, they were excited, people were talking about it. They were talking about how they heard it last night. They were likening it to where they were when 9-11 happened. They're also going to remember the moment, wherever they were when Osama Bin Laden was found dead, so we're very excited about that. And we do expect a surge from our customers, just to show their patriotism for our country."

Many veterans we spoke with say they hope this renewed patriotism reminds everyone that we are still at war... We still have soldiers over there dying for our country, and we need to support them.