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Congressman Thornberry comments on Bin Laden's death


Amarillo, TX - Our area congressman says Bin Laden's death is an important milestone in America's fight against terrorism.

Even with al-Qaeda's leader being killed, the threat of terrorism still exists, says the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  

Thornberry says there is still a risk for attacks from the middle east, so our efforts in the area will continue to remain the same.

"I think there's a chance that in the short run, we could be at increased danger because al-Qaeda or even individuals could want to lash out and prove that they are still a viable organization, but in the long run but nobody can replace Bin Laden as far as inspiration, as far as the unity he provided for al-Qaeda, assisting with the funding," says Thornberry.

Thornberry says the majority of the credit of this success should be given to the intelligence professionals and our military personnel.

He adds there was a bi-partisan effort from former President George Bush and President Barack Obama.