Increase in injured pets

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Ninja can do a lot of amazing tricks and jumping flips for a three-legged dog.

"I just grabbed a treat, and was like come here ninja and he jumped in the area and grabbed it out of my hand. I was like whhhaaaaatttt?" Panhandle Humane Society worker Salvador Santos said.

But the half Chihuahua, half heeler wasn't always so happy. He came into the shelter with an open wound that had to be treated immediately. Workers think Ninja might have been run over.

Since November more and more furry friends like him are coming in hurt. From gunshot wounds, to burn marks and busted up legs.

"It could be because of multiple things, but I'm hoping and praying that it's only because people care a little more, are noticing, and are getting these animals some help. Or at least getting them here to where we can provide help," said Andrea Soliz, Panhandle Humane Society Executive Director.

This new trend comes on top of the fact the shelter's already pretty full. Everyone of their cages has multiple dogs in it. And the injured animals are stretching the shelters limited funds even thinner with an average vet visit costing about three hundred dollars. So they're asking you to donate to the injured animal fund.

"That is what helps us patch these babies up and give them a chance for adoption," Soliz said.

Because if an animal is seriously hurt like Ninja was, they're not available for adoption since people just don't want the big vet bills. And to think of Ninja not finding a new home is almost as heartbreaking as knowing he was once hurt.

In addition to the injured animal fund, there's also a big adopt-a-thon going on this weekend by the SPCA. It will be at Petsmart in Amarillo Saturday and Sunday from one to five in the afternoon.