Parks and Recreation is Reaching Out to the Latino Community


AMARILLO, TX--Amarillo's Parks and Recreation division feels the Latino community is being under served because of a lack of Spanish information.

Which is why this summer they are looking for more Spanish speaking personnel.

Parks and Recreation feels it's their duty to inform every single group in our community regardless of language barriers. However, for some time they have had trouble finding Spanish speaking employees to translate material and answer concerns from parents.

They recently hired two workers fluent in Spanish, who have been manning Spanish calls and heading all promotional material.

They hope that by making information available in Spanish, more families will be able to participate in the many free summer activities being offered this year. Especially, their free summer lunch program.

"Our parks are mainly in the north side and there's a lot of Spanish speaking kids and parents that approach our recreation staff and we don't know. This way the recreation staff can give them the pamphlets and material that is all in Spanish and not have to figure out how to translate" said Crystal Bates, Administrative Assistant.

According to Bates they are still looking to hire more bilingual recreation workers. If you are interested you can call Parks and Recreation at 806-378-9391 or visit their web site at There you can also sign up your kids to participate in the free summer programs beginning June 3rd.