HIV cases rising locally

Matt Richardson, Department of Public Health in Amarillo
Matt Richardson, Department of Public Health in Amarillo

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - HIV cases are rising in Randall County.

While there is a growth in newly diagnosed residents in Randall County, Those HIV rates are about half of what they are in Potter County.

According to Matt Richardson, the director of the Department of Public Health in Amarillo, last year, for every 100 thousand potter county residents, about ten were diagnosed with the virus. In Randall County, that rate is about five people.

Richardson says, while the pool of those infected with HIV is growing in the Amarillo area, the pool is not large enough to detect a demographic leading with carriers of HIV.

"The important thing to know about HIV, its not a sexual behavior disease, its not an ethnic disease, it affects everyone." said Matt Richardson.

The department of public health offers free HIV testing throughout the week. The test takes about 20 minutes. The location is 1000 Martin Road in Amarillo.