Safety for Hamlet children one step closer

NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO- Some major safety improvements to an Amarillo city park are a step closer to being implemented by the middle of the summer.

The city's Community Development Advisory Committee has voted to approve funding for a nearly 84 thousand dollar project to upgrade safety measures in Hamlet Park. The project would install 20 lights every 100 feet around the perimeter of the park. Right now, the park has only about ten lights.

"At night, it will extend the walking time out at the park and make people more comfortable because it is well lit walking trail or basketball court." said Larry Offerdahl, director of Parks and Recreation.

Offerdahl says the same has been done at other city parks. About four security cameras would also be installed. Offerdahl tells NewsChannel 10, the height and construction of the cameras would make it difficult for them to be vandalized. Community development advisory committee member and hamlet resident Eddie Dunn says the project would help cease safety concerns in hamlet.

"I  think it will help detour illegal activity that is going on....If I were to do something wrong, I wouldn't want to get caught on TV...would you?" said Community development advisory committee member and Hamlet resident Eddie Dunn

The installation won't take place just yet. There is now a 30 day waiting period for public comment on the issue. After those 30 days have lapsed, the city commission will vote for the final approval.