Congressman Thornberry discusses recent issues

Amarillo, TX- Congressman Mac Thornberry says progress is being made in congress to deal with America's oil dependency and rising gas prices.  

Congressman Thornberry had three major talking points while visiting Amarillo Thursday, including spending issues in the government, high energy prices and his recent visit to the middle east.  

We asked our Facebook fans what issues they would like to hear about, the major one was the increased price of gas and decreasing our dependency on foreign oil.

Three bills are being introduced to the house that will force more oil drilling in the gulf coast, and lessen our dependency.

"The fact is that the oil markets, their watching what the U.S. Government does and so far what they've seen is that the U.S. Government has made it harder to drill for oil and gas, has been restricting production, so once they see that we're opening back up and untying our hands. I think it can make an immediate difference in markets," added Thornberry.

Thornberry says being less dependent on oil would be a positive move for our economy, and better for your wallet.